We, at ILUZION OPTICAL, keep a wide range of stock single vision lenses. What does that mean to you? Quick service! Often ready in 1 hour at no extra costs!

Protect your investment and give your lenses extra life buy giving them a scratch resistant coating. This coating is designed to extend the life of your lenses. There are different qualities available on the market. Ask us for details!
Contact Lenses Sunglasses
If you work on the computer, under neon lights or do lots of night driving, this coating is for you! Designed to eliminate glare on lenses, your vision will never be fatigued by annoying reflections. There are different quality of this coating. CLICK HERE to get more information.
Straight top bifocals have been around for years! These lenses are very easy to adapt to.CLICK HERE to view an example of a straight top bifocal.
Accessories Clic Rearers
There are several advantages of using invisible bifocals. On top of that, the technology has greatly advanced. CLICK HERE in order to learn more about that type of lens, it's benefits and the different designs available. You might have heard about it or seen the TV adds.CLICK HERE to view a demonstration video on how the lens works, and it's benefits.
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