RydersRyders Sunglasses are designed mainly for cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts.  Their sunglasses are made to offer protection to athletes during high impact and extreme sports.  They are considered a world-wide leader in the designing, marketing and manufacturing of high-performance sunglasses CLICK HERE FOR STYLES
NikeNike Sunglasses are designed for athletes participating in a variety of sports.  Made with polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight and designed with impact and scratch resistant optical coatings.Certain frames are made with ventilated nose bridges. CLICK HERE FOR STYLES
BolleBolle Sunglasses lenses are embedded with a polarization that enhances visual acuity by eliminating extreme glare and reflection.  Their lenses exceed the industry standards for UVA/UVB protection, up to 400 nanometers.  CLICK HERE FOR STYLES
SerengetiSerengeti Sunglasses use their patented technology to provide you with crisp, clear vision while filtering out harmful UV rays that can fatigue or damage your eyes. The Spectral Control System is an adapting smart lens technology that works with your eyes to give you a high level of comfort in any situation.  CLICK HERE FOR STYLES
AdidasAdidas Sunglasses are manufactured specifically for the athlete, using materials with the strength and design that athletes require.   Their sunglasses are made with flex temples and soft saddle bridges for a pressure-free, comfortable fit.  CLICK HERE FOR STYLES



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